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Our Story

For over 15 years Employment ACTion has been providing innovative services and building professional relationships to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. We began as a small dedicated team committed to addressing the growing need of job seekers needing support in gaining and maintaining meaningful employment.  

Our early achievements have allowed us to more than double in size and add a significant pool of trained volunteers, providing job seekers comprehensive pre-employment supports, coaching, and opportunities for skills upgrading/training for both traditional employment and self employment.

Our commitment to the long-term success of our clients has evolved into a more holistic approach that includes a skilled team of job developers to reach out to employers, understand their hiring needs, and subsequently to provide them with tailored staffing solutions to support best ‘fit’ of potential candidates and the mutual success of both.

Our Success

What sets Employment ACTion apart is the strong balance between understanding employers’ needs and a commitment to our candidates’ success in their journey toward meaningful employment. This balance has enabled Employment ACTion to sustain a higher than average rate of retention, creating positive experiences for both candidates and employers – allowing both to trust our process. Trust and reliability are accomplishments that we are proud of and we are committed to their continuous improvement.