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Our People

    Meet the Team

    Employment ACTion’s success is the result of a dedicated team of skilled employment professionals ready to support job seekers in their journey and assist employers with recruitment and hiring solutions.  Above all, in our workings and partnerships we value trust, reliability and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

    Miguel Cubillos - Employment Consultant

    Miguel is a strong networker who brings over five rewarding years of experience helping employers from a wide range of industries connect with Employment ACTion-qualified candidates.  His eight years working with marginalized communities providing case management, career counselling and referrals has allowed him to continue his commitment to facilitating access to services for people living with chronic/episodic disabilities.  Support in immigration, settlement and job placement comes as second nature to Miguel, who feels passionate about “paying it forward."  Miguel has a Bachelors Degree in Design and Marketing and his responsibilities over the years have included developing and executing digital and social marketing plans for web, mobile, tablet and email marketing. Innovative, dynamic and fully involved with people from diverse cultures, Miguel is strongly committed to working in a caring, open and collaborative manner.

    Jason Smith - Employment Consultant

    Jason is a Career Development Practitioner, Employment Specialist, and avid futurist who brings more than eight years of Employment Consultation practice to both jobseekers and employers looking for that right match. Jason has spent his career facilitating social service and ESL programs at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels both in Canada and abroad. Described as someone intent on bringing a healthy balance of business acumen happily combined with just the right amount of fearless contemplation to the practical realities of the labor market, he is not afraid to think outside of traditional patterns. Believing that a healthy and empathetic community is the foundation for a prosperous economy and the collective individuals who maintain it, Jason’s goal is to help improve the lives of those around him. When not dabbling in social media and journalism, he can be found cheering for his beloved Hamilton Tiger-Cats.  

    John Power - Manager of Support Services

    John brings over 12 years of community-based service experience to his work with Employment ACTion. As the team’s acting lead, he supports his staff and their clients by setting high level targets and offering proven strategies to attain them. Trained as a practicing social worker, John's time as a counsellor generated his extensive knowledge of the challenges facing marginalized communities, knowledge he now uses to inform his team’s strategic directions.

    Rebal Arrar - Retention Administration Coordinator

    Rebal is a people person and has spent many years studying and working towards improving the lives of marginalized communities. Using his wealth of experience in his work with Employment ACTion, Rebal works on connecting service users, staff, Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) employees and managers to ensure the continuous support and the long-term success of our service users. In addition to liaising with ODSP, he aids in the ongoing evaluation of the program. Rebal has a bachelor’s degree in one of the health sciences and is very committed to exceptional customer service and program delivery. His favorite quote is: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.