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What is the Process?

Employment ACTion follows a structured process to support you in your employment journey starting from your initial intake and ending in your successful employment and job retention.

Click on each step below to see what's involved.

  • Needs Assessment
Career Planning
  • Assessments
  • Info Interview
  • Market Research
Job Goal(s)
  • Clarifying Goals
  • Skills Upgrading
  • Academic Upgrading
Preparing for Employment
  • Résumé
  • Interview Skills
  • Cover Letter
  • References
  • Skills Testing
  • Work Trials
Job Search
  • Networking
  • Cold Calling
  • Hidden Job Market
  • Job Search Skills
Job Placement
  • Employment Rights
  • Disclosure (Pro's/Con's)
Job Retention
  • Follow-up Support
  • Accommodation
  • Career Progression