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What is the process?

Employment ACTion's E-Learning Module, The DIY Business Plan, provides you with an overview of the components you need to consider in developing a  business plan.  Should you decide to access more in-depth support to actually create a business plan, the free resources listed at the end of the module should be your first step.  For any formal self employment program you might attend, you can consider the drawing below to understand what the usual process most programs take in assessing your eligibility.

Starting at 'Intake' please click on each step below to see what's involved



  • Assessment
  • Eligibility Confirmed
  • Formal Intake Documented
Training Modules
  • In Class Instruction
  • Your Research
  • Analysis of Research
  • Creation of Business Plan
Business Launch
  • Business Plan Complete
  • Launch Date
  • Plan Execution
Follow-up Support
  • External Supports Referral
  • Income Reporting
  • Assessment of Results
  • Business Plan Revisions