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Search for a job

“Thank you for all your excellent advice and for meeting with me again yesterday… you have been a great motivator!  When I get another job I’m going to miss our visits!”
- EA service user

We are here to help you with your job search!  We promote Employment ACTion to agencies and businesses that understand and support the needs of people living with disabilities. 

Once you have a clear job goal and all of your marketing tools (résumé, cover letter, and interview skills) prepared, you are ready to begin your job search.  Job searching is more than using the tools that you have prepared.  It involves a change in attitude and expectations.  It involves the 3 D’s:

Drive, Determination and Dedication.

The “Hidden” Job Market

Many experts agree that only 15-20% of available jobs are actually advertised to the public.  Since most jobs aren’t advertised, it’s important to know about networking and how it can help you find a job in the “hidden” job market.

Why is there a “Hidden” Job Market?

It’s often easier for an employer to hire a person connected to someone in their network. If you’re referred to an employer by someone they know and trust, hiring you instead of a complete stranger is a lot less risky. They also don’t have to go through the hassle of advertising the job, sifting through résumés, interviewing people, and then hiring a complete stranger.

That’s why it’s so important to use your connections to find out if someone in your network knows about any potential employment opportunities.

How can Employment ACTion help me with my job search and ability to access the “Hidden” Job Market?

The job developers at Employment ACTion can help you create a tailored job search strategy that plays to your strengths and challenges you to build on areas that need growth.  We are skilled in understanding the ‘hidden’ job market and how to tap into it.  We will help you to develop the skills and know-how to network with employers and open the door to job opportunities.  We can make sure that the strategies created will maximize your potential of securing gainful employment while boosting your self confidence and self esteem.

Our “Accessing the “Hidden” Job Market workshop can help you learn more about various job search strategies and provides opportunities for skill building.  Our ‘Social Media for Job Search’ Workshop can help you understand job search in the digital age and how you can best respond to it.  See our Calendar of Events and Trainings for more information. 

Can Employment ACTion guarantee me a job?

Our aim is to support you as you research, source and apply for available jobs. We cannot guarantee you a job but we can provide you with tools and skill-building opportunities to help you achieve your employment goals.  

Can Employment ACTion help me when I get a job offer?

Entertaining a job offer?  Our job developers can work with you to evaluate your job offer relative to your needs.  We can assist you as you negotiate salary, understand your benefits and help you ask for any job accommodations you may require.

To learn more about how Employment ACTion can help you contact us today!