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Prepare for an interview

“Thank you for your help with preparation for my interview.  I really feel like I have a game plan for this conversation.”
- EA service user

Interview Tips – The Top 5 Job Interview Tips You Need To Pay Attention To

Our interview coaches are experienced career specialists who can help you:

  • Build skills and confidence for effective interviews
  • Develop and practice answers that best speak to your strengths
  • Gain awareness of your body language and non-verbal cues that may impact your interview success

The following interview tips and our “All About Interviews Guide” are intended to get you started – however allowing us to observe your skills objectively is key to ensuring your performance is professional and results-orientated.  We do this through formal mock interviews with trained coaches - and we will even videotape you upon request so you can see for yourself how you look and perform.

Download All About Interviews Guide.pdf

3 Steps to a Flawless Informational Interview

Please contact us to see how we can help you take your interview skills to the next level.