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Maintain a job

At Employment ACTion our relationship with you does not end when you successfully meet your immediate employment goals.  We want you to know that we continue to support you over the long-term.  Our goal is to ensure that your transition to work is a positive experience.

For up to three years you will be contacted monthly by a dedicated Employment ACTion team member to simply ‘check in’, see if your needs are being met, and to gather work related information from you.  Should you ever need job accommodations to remain in the workforce we can help you understand your needs and how to ask for them.

Advance in my career

"As a result of acknowledging the details of how living with HIV has affected my life and career, I am willing to move ahead again towards a career path more suitable to my gifts.  Your capacity to be present in the moment with me, to profoundly listen to what is, and create a professional space within which to grow, is special and rare.  Thank you.”
EA service user

Employment ACTion cares about your long-term career success.  We will continue to work with you for up to three years after you secure employment and should you need assistance with career advancement, you are welcome to return to us so we can help you to develop longer term goals.

Employment ACTion can help you:

  • Explore career advancement with your existing employer
  • Look for advancement opportunities with a new employer
  • Find training and skills upgrading opportunities for longer term career growth
  • Evaluate if your current career is no longer a good ‘fit’
  • Learn how to change careers