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Create a Résumé/Cover Letter?

"Thank you for your help with my résumé…You did so much in such little time – I really appreciate it!"
- EA service user

Our résumé clinics are staffed by experienced career specialists who can help you create an effective résumé and cover letter that:

  • Addresses gaps in employment
  • Addresses a lack of work experience, or no Canadian work history
  • Is competitive in this tight job market
  • Sells you and is tailored to the job being applied for
  • Is formatted for employers who use electronic scanning systems

The following résumé and /cover letter guides are intended to get you started – however allowing us to review your work objectively is key to ensuring your résumé is professional and competitive. Please contact one of our employment consultants to see how we can help you take your résumé and cover letter to the next level.

How to Write a Résumé – Our Top 5 Resume Tips

Download EA Résumé Guide.pdf

“Thank you so much for your detailed feedback, all of which is appreciated.  You’ve given me some fresh ideas for my cover letter, which I’ll revise.  You’ve already helped a great deal!”
- EA service user

Cover Letters: Why Bother?

Download EA Cover Letter Guide.pdf

Five Tips For A Flawless LinkedIn Profile